10 Essential Gadgets to Make Business Travel More Enjoyable

10 Essential Gadgets to Make Business Travel More Enjoyable

Business travel can be exhausting and outright miserable due to delays, early flights and unexpected circumstances. We are often faced with a lot of down time, which can be used to get caught up on work or stay in touch with the office while on the road.

The better prepared you are for the travel life, the more productive you will be, along with the happier you will be. All it takes is one delay or cancelled flight to ruin your day. But, if you are traveling with the right gadgets it can make a bad situation bearable.

To help you plan your next trip, here are ten essential items you should consider tossing in your bags. One of them could be responsible for keeping you sane the next time your flight is delayed.

1. Portable battery packs.

Have you ever tried to find an outlet in a busy airport? It is next to impossible, and in the event of wide-spread cancellations and delays you are likely to come up short in your quest. This is what a couple portable battery packs can be a life saver. Costs have come down tremendously, and you can pick them up for less than $20 these days. Keep a couple fully charged in your laptop bag.

2. Wireless noise-cancelling headphones.

Sometimes when traveling it’s nice to cancel out all of the commotion and madness around you. “A pair of high-quality noise cancelling headphones are a great investment and worth every penny,” says Jonathan Long, founder of blerrp, an online community for entrepreneurs. Some of the top brands to take a look at include Bose and Beats, both with popular options. You can expect to spend anywhere from $300 to $400 on a top pair.

3. Apple watch

The Apple watch has gone through some updates and the newest version is very nice, especially when traveling. The ability to quickly check emails and texts without pulling out your phone is a nice convenience, as is the ability to take a call. The Apple watch gives you access to all your favorite features at an arms-length. It also gives you another gadget to play with if you happen to experience any travel delays.

4. Point-and-shoot digital camera.

While traveling on business can be stressful sometimes, it’s nice to be able to have something to calm your nerves and create a relaxing environment. Photography is a very relaxing hobby and if your travels take you to some nice places having a camera in your bag gives you the ability to document your journey. “Carrying a high-quality point-and-shoot camera like a Cannon Power Shot ensures that you can capture any memorable moment during your travels,” says Ashley Wong, Digital Marketing Specialist at Loan Authority Singapore.

5. iPad

If you don’t need to bring a laptop on your business trip, throw an iPad in your bag. This will enable you to access your apps, browse the internet and even listen to music. “An iPad is much more travel-friendly than most laptops. I use mine to access my email on the go,” says April Gillmore, CEO of ClickFirst Marketing. Make sure you get a high-quality protective case for your iPad, as the travel can beat them up pretty good.

6. Thin laptop

The majority of business travel will require a laptop, so consider buying one that is easy to travel with. A MacBook Air is probably the thinnest option available that still packs a punch in terms of performance. A big clunky laptop that weighs a lot is a pain to travel with and it’s not the easiest to use while in the air. A small thin model makes working up in the sky more enjoyable.

7. External drives

The problem with most thin laptops is their lack of adequate storage space. “I like to travel with my external drives in my bag. This, combined with the use of Dropbox for file storage, allows me to operate on a laptop without huge hard drives internally,” says Sukhbir Singh, Director of Sandhurst Consultancy Pte Ltd. Just like laptops, external drives have become much thinner over the years.

8. Power adaptors.

If you are traveling overseas then make sure you throw a power adaptor in your bag. “Most people forget to take an adaptor, which creates the demand for them at the airports and hotels. To avoid having to search for one when you land make sure you always keep one handy,” says Blake Brossman, Founder of PetCareRx. You can pick up a wide variety of them for less than $20 on Amazon.

9. Notebook and pen

If you experience longer than expected delays you may find yourself low on power, and empty portable battery packs. If this happens you will want to have a pen and paper handy. “Keeping a notebook and some pens in your bag ensures you always have something to take notes with. Also, after a long day of traveling you may just want to use something other than technology,” says Claire Cheung, Marketing Manager of Money Kinetics.

10. Fitness tracker

Long days of travel and long flights combined with airport food is not the healthiest option. Wear your fitness tracker to see how many steps you get in throughout the day. If you are short of your goal you can always hit the hotel gym for some extra cardio to keep on track.


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